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TradesAvg. ReturnAvg. Duration
All Trades+4.26%10 weeks

New Zealand Trades (NZX)

+2.24%12 weeks

Australian Trades (ASX)

+3.16%13 weeks


+6.27%8 weeks

Long Trades

+3.81%11 weeks

Short Trades

+6.93%6 weeks

What our customers say

“I took the Stockfox tip on New Zealand Refining (NZR) and have just sold the shares at a 20% profit in a very short space of time. So, pretty happy with the advice so far.”

Kent Weir, Stockfox user

“I’ve made some positive gains using Stockfox. The resources are great bedtime reading and I find the app quite addictive!”

Marion Gardner, Stockfox User

“I’ve really been liking this last week’s tips for the new stocks I’ve never considered investing in popping onto my radar via the app.”

Matthew Turner, Stockfox User

“I’m really loving the Stockfox app. Nice to look at and easy to use. The service support people also go the extra mile.”

Laurence Sherriff, Stockfox User

“I’ve really been enjoying the Stockfox subscription since signing up, and I really like the learn section. This was one of the features which I didn’t realise I was getting when I signed up, but I’ve found it really helpful for my trading in general.”

Jared Veale, Stockfox User

“I’ve been thrilled with the Stockfox tips. I’m new to investing and so have used several tips and been pleased with the financial results.”

Gerard O’Connor, Stockfox User

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Take Profits in Just a Few Weeks

Get results in just a few weeks from our opportunity-driven investment strategy, with the recommended time between buying and selling a company’s shares typically between 4 to 12 weeks.

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Filter the investment advice and analysis based on your preferred risk level, ranging from lower to higher risk.

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Receive tips for the New Zealand, Australian and major US stock exchanges (NYSE and NASDAQ). Expect to receive a new tip every 1 to 2 weekdays.

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