17 February 2022

Welcome to a new issue of the Stockfox weekly newsletter, where you can read all about what’s new in the share markets across the world.

Market Overview

Below is a year-to-date graph comparing the S&P 500 Index (gold line) to the Bloomberg Commodity Index (black line). It shows that from January 1st to present, the S&P 500 is down roughly 7%, while the Bloomberg Commodity Index is up 10%.

This implies the resource sector is outperforming most other sectors due to inflation driving up prices. We expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future. Therefore, we think it’s a good idea to keep a keen eye out for resource-based companies in the US until we see this trend start to turn around.

What’s New

A great feature on Stockfox is the ability to link your account with your preferred broker to seamlessly receive tips from us and act on them through your brokerage account.

We’re excited to announce we’ve added Hatch to the list of options for US tips. It’s now super easy to make trades through your Hatch account from within the Stockfox app.

To connect Stockfox and Hatch, head to Linked Broker Account in Settings and select Hatch.

Tip of the Week

We have issued three tips so far this week. Both Sky City Entertainment and Primoris Services Corporation have positive outlooks, while we expect Regis Resources to turn around in due course.

This week’s tip of the week is for a NASDAQ-listed vehicle manufacturing company. The company’s indirect exposure to the food sector should benefit it as food price inflation continues to escalate. See the tip here.

Top Tips

Here are two of our best performing NASDAQ-listed companies over the past three months, plus one where we didn’t get it quite right but issued a stop loss recommendation to help investors mitigate the impact of the price reduction.

NB: These are examples of just some of Stockfox trading recommendations. They are not a reflection of the success of all Stockfox tips, nor are they necessarily an indication of the success of any future Stockfox tips. If you act on our advice, there is no guarantee as to the repayment of your investment or any particular rate of return.

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