At Stockfox we want everyone to feel confident
when investing in shares.

That’s why we’ve developed a web app that makes the expert share market advice usually only available to those at the top end of town accessible to everybody. Stockfox takes the anxiety and intimidation out of share market investing by providing clear, well researched share market advice straight to your device.

Our founder

Our share investment recommendations are issued by a team led by Stockfox’s founder, David McEwen. David’s a seasoned sharemarket analyst with over 30 years’ experience analysing, writing about and managing sharemarket investments.

Passionate about helping people invest successfully in share markets, David has been publishing share recommendations and analysis in a fortnightly newsletter for the past 20 years. One day he realised he could make those time-sensitive recommendations available in a more timely way and to many more people through an app, and so it was that the idea for Stockfox was born.

Stockfox Tip Performance