4 November 2021

Welcome to the first Stock Take issue for November. Read on to see where the action is happening in the share markets.

Market Overview

As we predicted a few weeks ago, the US market has begun to enter a period that can best be described as a ‘melt up’. That’s when so much money floods into the share markets that prices escalate well beyond what many would describe as sensible valuations.

Both the Dow Jones Industrial Average (gold line) and the Nasdaq Composite Index (black line) have hit new record highs this week, and it appears that tech stocks, with their lower cost bases and faster growth rates, are outpacing the more traditional sectors of the economy.

With massive corporate share buybacks, huge government spending plans and the emergence of inflationary pressures, it is not hard to imagine the markets can rise to new heights in the run up to Christmas. By comparison, New Zealand and Australia are going sideways, so it appears the US is where all the action is going to be concentrated for a while.

What’s New

David was recently featured as a guest speaker on the “Want Money Got Money” podcast, discussing all things Stockfox-related, such as how Stockfox came about and what the future of the app holds.

You can listen to the episode here.

Tip of the Week

This week’s tip of the week is for a company that operates in the automotive retail industry. The company’s latest results were ahead of its expectations and they are planning to make an acquisition towards the end of the month to increase their diversification.

See the tip here.

Top Tips

Service providers encompass many industries and have been essential resources to keep things running. See the results of our best performing service provider tips from the past three months.

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NB: These are examples of just some of Stockfox trading recommendations. They are not a reflection of the success of all Stockfox tips, nor are they necessarily an indication of the success of any future Stockfox tips. If you act on our advice, there is no guarantee as to the repayment of your investment or any particular rate of return.

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