16 September 2021

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Market Overview

Australia has always seen itself as a ‘mini America’, while New Zealand is more like a ‘mini Canada’. Certainly Australia and the USA seem joined at the hip, not least in a massive new security deal which will bump up Australia’s defences, including nuclear submarines, while New Zealand has been excluded.

It seems their markets also are moving in lockstep, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average index (black line) virtually indistinguishable from the Australian All Ordinaries index (blue line). The NZX50 index (gold line) was doing the same until the beginning of this year, when it has since refused to catch up.

The good news is that this probably means New Zealand shares are cheaper than their overseas counterparts and Kiwi investors should be looking to do a bit of bargain hunting.

Tip of the Week

This week’s tip of the week is for an ASX-listed communication software company that provides communication enablement services. The company has just reported an annual result at the top end of their guidance and looks set to produce good earnings growth over the next few years.

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Top Tips

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What’s New

It’s great to be featured again on Informed Investor magazine’s website. This time, David has shared his insights about how the New Zealand and international share markets have been performing recently.

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