14 October 2021

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Market Overview 

Something is seriously wrong with the New Zealand share market. The graph below shows the NZ50 Capital index (black line) has barely broken even over the past 12 months, while the Australian market (blue line) and the US market (gold line) have been in lockstep in growth by around 20%.

This probably reflects the negative impact of lockdowns on some of our bigger companies and the shortage of online and technology businesses relative to the other markets. These types of businesses have seen their profits boom because of their lack of physical infrastructure and lack of reliance on traditional supply chains, which remain seriously disrupted.

Tip of the Week

This week’s tip of the week is for an explorer, developer and miner of gold assets in Western Australia. The company’s earnings are forecast to have good growth over the next few years and it has made an acquisition offer for another resource company which will further increase earnings.

See the tip here.

Top Tips

Interested in how listed freight companies have been faring given the Covid restrictions? See the results of our best performing transport sector tips from the past three months.

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