7 October 2021

Welcome to another share market update from Stockfox. A new month means new developments, so read on to find out what’s trending.

Market Overview

The New Zealand market is struggling to reach new heights as Covid-related lockdowns continue to put a drag on the economy and corporate profits. Higher return investments such as term deposits could make the dividend yields of listed companies relatively less attractive.

The main way to make those yields equally attractive again is if the share price comes down, so investors should beware of this trend, particularly if more interest rate rises occur. A lift in the Official Cash Rate by the Reserve Bank this week has also caused investors to re-evaluate their investments in light of the positive likely impact on deposit and fixed interest rates.

Tip of the Week

This week’s tip of the week is for an ASX-listed retailer and distributor of performance and lifestyle footwear. The company’s outlook is positive as pent-up demand for its footwear is likely to see a boost in sales.

See the tip here.

Top Tips

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What’s New

We’re always striving to make the Stockfox user experience as amazing as possible. In keeping with that, we’ve just added a new dashboard feature. The dashboard will enable you to see at-a-glance new tips, recently closed ones, the performance of your watchlist and how our recent recommendations have performed.

We know our users have busy lives. So we’ve introduced the ability to see the latest recommendations and performance quickly and easily while on the go.