Stockfox has been working hard behind the scenes and we’re pleased to share the news that we’ve partnered with the portfolio tracking platform, Sharesight.

This exciting partnership will allow you to easily receive and act on Stockfox tips, plus monitor the performance of your investments – all from the Stockfox app.

Stockfox is now a one-stop-shop for share market advice, analysis and portfolio monitoring.

What is Sharesight

Sharesight is a secure, online portfolio tracker and performance reporting tool that is used by over 300,000 DIY investors and finance professionals in more than 100 countries.

Sharesight supports over 200 global brokers to track trades, dividends, and corporate actions automatically, and allows clients to securely share portfolio access with others.

What this partnership means for you

This feature will elevate your investing experience by providing all the essentials – professional advice and portfolio monitoring features – right at your fingertips in one app.

It’s been great giving you advice about what shares to buy and when to sell them, and we are pleased to continue adding value to your investing experience by partnering with a service that shows you how the companies you’ve invested in are tracking.

Portfolio monitoring can be tedious and time-consuming without the right tools but Sharesight’s simple and easy-to-use system makes it a breeze, making it the perfect tool to keep track of the performance of your share portfolio.

We know this will make the journey from getting tips from Stockfox to checking your portfolio statistics seamless.

How to access Sharesight via Stockfox

It’s simple to connect your accounts together. All you need to do is go to your settings in your Stockfox account, choose the Sharesight option and you can connect your accounts from there.

For more detailed instructions read Sharesight’s guide on how to connect your Stockfox account to Sharesight.